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Cost to create a Video Streaming app like Quibi

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June 2024


Revolutionizing Short-Form Content for On-the-Go Entertainment

In the realm of video streaming, Quibi has pioneered the delivery of high-quality content through short, bite-sized episodes. Let’s explore what sets Quibi apart in the competitive landscape of digital entertainment.



Quibi stands out by offering premium short-form content designed for on-the-go viewing. Unlike traditional streaming platforms, Quibi delivers immersive storytelling in episodes lasting 10 minutes or less, catering to users’ busy lifestyles.

Why Quibi Stands Out

Quibi distinguishes itself through

1. Short-Form Excellence

Focusing exclusively on short, engaging episodes crafted by Hollywood’s top talents, ensuring high production value and captivating narratives.

2. Mobile-Centric Experience

Optimising content for mobile devices, Quibi provides seamless viewing experiences anytime, anywhere, with episodes designed for quick consumption.

3. Innovative Content Format

Introducing a unique “Turnstyle” feature that allows viewers to switch between portrait and landscape modes without losing video continuity, enhancing immersion.

Cost of Developing

an App like Quibi

For entrepreneurs considering developing a video streaming app akin to Quibi, initial development costs typically range from $100,000 to $500,000. This investment reflects the potential profitability in the competitive digital entertainment sector.

Features To Include

for Video Streaming Apps like Quibi

Developing an app similar to Quibi involves integrating essential features for a compelling user experience:

1. Short-Form Content Library

Curate a diverse library of short episodes across genres, ensuring fresh and engaging content updates regularly.

2. Turnstyle Viewing

Implement a feature that seamlessly transitions video between portrait and landscape orientations, enhancing viewer immersion.

3. Personalised Recommendations

Utilise AI algorithms to recommend content based on user preferences and viewing history, promoting personalised discovery.

4. Offline Viewing

Enable users to download episodes for offline viewing, catering to diverse connectivity and on-the-go viewing preferences.

5. Social Sharing

Integrate social media sharing options to allow users to share favourite episodes and recommendations with friends and followers.

How to Develop

a Video Streaming App like Quibi?

Embarking on the journey to develop a video streaming app similar to Quibi requires a strategic approach:

1. Market Research

Identify target demographics, analyse content preferences, and study competitor offerings to refine your app’s unique value proposition.

2. Content Acquisition

Secure licensing agreements with content creators and studios to build a robust library of short-form content appealing to your target audience.

3. UI/UX Design

Create an intuitive interface optimised for mobile devices, ensuring seamless navigation and an engaging user experience.

4. Technology Stack

Select appropriate technologies for video streaming, content delivery, and user authentication to ensure scalability, security, and optimal performance.

5. Testing and Quality Assurance

Conduct thorough testing across devices and network conditions to ensure flawless functionality and a smooth viewing experience.

6. Deployment

Launch the app on major platforms like Google Play Store and Apple App Store, adhering to platform guidelines for app submission and optimization.

Why Quibi

Makes a Difference in the Industry

Quibi’s focus on short-form, high-quality content revolutionises digital entertainment by catering to modern viewers’ preferences for quick, immersive experiences. Its innovative format and mobile-first approach redefine how users engage with content on-the-go.


Quibi leads the charge in redefining short-form content delivery through its innovative platform tailored for mobile viewers. As consumer behaviours continue to favour convenience and quality in digital entertainment, Quibi’s impact on the streaming industry highlights its relevance and potential for growth in the evolving digital landscape.

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