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Revolutionizing Recruitment: Accelerating Hiring with JobChing

Category: Recruitment Platform and Talent Acquisition

Services Provided:

  • Recruitment Platform Implementation.
  • Automation of Resume Review.
  • Candidate Evaluation Enhancement

Client’s Requirement

The client, a leading software development company, required a specialised job portal to enhance their recruitment process for software developers. Their existing methods were inefficient, resulting in prolonged hiring times and difficulties in sourcing candidates with specific technical skills. The goal was to develop a robust recruitment platform that could streamline candidate sourcing directly from GitHub, manage applications effectively, and track email responses efficiently. The platform also needed to allow candidates to apply for multiple jobs using various resumes.


Reduction in Hiring Time


Increase in Email Response Rate


Match Rate for Skills and Tech Domain

Challenges Faced

Specific Skill Sourcing

Traditional recruitment methods made it challenging to find candidates with precise technical skills and domain expertise

Inefficient Communication

Managing communication with potential candidates was cumbersome and lacked streamlined tracking.

Multiple Resume Management

Allowing candidates to apply for different roles with tailored resumes was not feasible with existing systems.

Key Features

Integrated a feature to search candidates based on specific skills and tech domains, like Flutter and AWS, sourced directly from GitHub profiles.

Automated Email Invitations

Developed a dashboard that enables recruiters to send job invitations directly and track email responses efficiently.

Multiple Resume Applications

Enabled candidates to apply for multiple job openings using different resumes, catering to various job requirements.


The implementation of JobChing resulted in significant improvements across various aspects of the recruitment process, effectively addressing the client’s needs and achieving substantial metrics:

50% Reduction in Hiring Time: JobChing streamlined the recruitment process, reducing the average time required to fill software developer positions by half. This improvement allowed the company to onboard skilled developers much faster, enhancing team productivity and project timelines.

Technology Stack Utilized

Task management tools (Kanban Board, Sprint Planner)

Real-time communication software

Resume curation systems

Engagement modules for challenges and competitions

Resources Required

UX/UI designers

Web developers

Recruitment process specialists

Technology Stack


The development and implementation of JobChing significantly optimized the client’s recruitment process, leading to faster hiring times, increased candidate engagement, and a higher match rate for required skills. This project highlights the importance of leveraging modern technology and a specialized recruitment platform to improve hiring efficiency and achieve remarkable results. Continuous innovation and enhancement of recruitment tools are essential for maintaining a competitive advantage in the tech industry.

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