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Transforming Supermarket Retail: Urban Bazaar Ecom App Success Story

Category: Ecommerce Platform

Services Provided:

  • Recruitment Platform Implementation.
  • Automation of Resume Review.
  • Candidate Evaluation Enhancement

Client’s Requirement

Urban Bazaar, a local supermarket chain, aimed to enhance its customer engagement and operational efficiency through a custom ecommerce web application. Their goal was to provide customers with an easy-to-use platform for accessing the latest deals and offers, enable efficient order tracking and return management, and implement robust inventory, order, and dispatch management on the admin side. Additionally, they sought to integrate with a previous IT vendor for database sharing and introduce a custom quantity selection feature for loose goods.


Increase in Web Traffic


Customer Satisfaction Rating


Improvement in Order Processing Time

Challenges Faced

Custom Ecommerce Web-Application

Urban Bazaar required a tailored solution to cater to the unique needs of a supermarket chain, including real-time inventory management and custom order processing.

Third-Party Integration

Integration with a previous IT vendor’s database posed challenges due to differing data formats and protocols.

Custom Quantity Selection

Customers needed the ability to select custom weights of loose goods to add to their cart. Integrating this feature through a third-party service was complex and required imposing certain restrictions to ensure seamless functionality.

Key Features

Latest Deals and Offers

The user-friendly app allows customers to easily browse and access the latest deals and offers.

Return Order Tracking

Implemented a return order tracking system that allows customers to track their returns seamlessly.

Inventory, Order, and Dispatch Management

Developed a comprehensive management system on the admin side to handle inventory, orders, and dispatch efficiently.

Third-Party Integration

Successfully integrated with a previous IT vendor for database sharing, ensuring smooth data flow and consistency.


The implementation of the Urban Bazaar Ecom App resulted in significant improvements across various metrics. App downloads increased by 35%, reflecting increased customer engagement. Customer satisfaction ratings reached 92%, highlighting the app’s intuitive design and functionality. Moreover, there was a 20% improvement in order processing time, demonstrating enhanced operational efficiency.

Technology Stack Utilized

Web-Application development (MERN Stack)

Backend development for inventory and order management

Database integration with previous IT vendor

UX/UI design for Scan and Go module

Resources Required

Web Full stack developers

Dedicated Backend developers

UX/UI designers

Integration specialists

Technology Stack


  • The Urban Bazaar Ecom App has successfully transformed customer engagement and operational efficiency for the supermarket chain. By providing a seamless user experience, integrating with existing IT systems, and introducing innovative features like Scan and Go, Urban Bazaar has positioned itself as a leader in local supermarket ecommerce. This project underscores the importance of tailored solutions and effective integration in driving business growth and customer satisfaction in the retail sector.

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